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Only those who receive a referral ticket can join the Axelnode platform, making it an exclusive network that only experienced professionals and tech companies can use.


Axelnode uses a ticket system to facilitate referral activities among users. The tickets show your skills and reliability and can present opportunities for you and your network.


For each referral, users receive a reward in the form of AXN points that show users’ reliability. In addition, users get a cash reward if their referral results in hiring. This creates a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all parties involved.

How to Use

Axelnode is easy to use

The company’s admin user (CEO, HR manager, etc.) can distribute tickets within their own network to find the best candidate for a certain position. Those who receive the ticket can either:
1. Use the ticket to Apply to the position
2. Pass the ticket on to others in their own network
3. Burn (discard) the ticket

Our Clients

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Are you hiring? Axelnode is the best way to hire professionals through people you truly trust.