Axelnode FAQ

Axelnode is an exclusive referral recruitment platform for companies and professionals challenging the status quo.

Axelnode is only available to those who have received a ticket. Also, it's only available to companies that have been approved by Axelnode. If you think you are a reliable and highly skilled professional, please contact us. We will review your profile and if it's fit our criteria, we will send an invitaion.

AXP is Axelnode Point that you will earn when you contribute the platform. We don't disclose the point algorithm, however, the most important thing is to contribution for your networks. In addition, Axelnode Card shows your contribution and credibility, so let's make it higher rank.

Detailed information will be sent individually to those whose rewards exceeded a certain amount.

You can use the mobile app for free. Company account is the freemium model, so we we will charge a subscription fee and a success fee based on the usage.

Aniwo Ltd. is the operator of Axelnode, a company that has been focused on creating innovation platforms since its establishment in 2014.